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This a prototype visualiser applet created to accompany the paper:

Visualising and clustering high thoughout sub-cellular localisation imaging, N. Hamilton and R.D. Teasdale, BMC Bioinformatics 9:81 (2008).

Mouse Control

View images : To view a class or classes of images (ie Golgi), mouse click on the box for that class. To view all images, click on Select/Deselect all.

Move up/down/rotate : Click and drag left mouse button.

Zoom in/out : Click and drag right mouse button.

Toggle Images/Names : Click to toggle between viewing the images and the image names.

Toggle 2D/3D : Switch between 2D/3D view

Neighbour Join : Repeatedly click to view nearest neighbours in the dimension being viewed or using distance measures between all image statistics.

Keyboard Control

+/- : Increase/decrease image size

>/< : Increase/decrease ball size

This is a prototype! To enable running in a applet, images have been scaled to 25% of their original size and cropped to remove regions with no cells.

(c) 2008 Nicholas Hamilton. All rights reserved (at the moment).

Built with Processing