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      Institute for Molecular Bioscience
      Advanced Computational Modelling Centre
      University of Queensland
      St Lucia 4074, Brisbane, Australia
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This is a pretty old web page, perhaps you want to look at my IMB web pages.

Modelling and visualisation of cellular processes, protein structure prediction, algorithms for detecting lateral gene transfer, automated subcellular phenotyping, machine learning, image processing, bioinformatics, finite geometry, combinatorial computing, coding theory, group theory, algebra, combinatorics, group representation theory, formal methods for computing.
  • Visualising high throughput sub-cellular imaging (iCluster). The aim is to develop tools to allow navigation of and inference from the massive biological image collections becoming available through automated high throughput microscopy. A prototype can be viewed here.
  • Automated Subcellular Phenotype Classification. (ASPiC). The aim is to apply image processing and machine learning techniques to automatically classify protein subcellar localisation from experimental images.
  • Hybrid approaches to protein structure determination. The aim is combine experimental and bioinformatics techniques to determine protein structures in high throughput.
  • Detecting Lateral Gene Transfer Events in Bacteria. Graph theory and algorithms are used to reconcile the differences between species and gene phylogenetic trees.
  • Protein contact prediction. A protein contact prediction server can be found here. Currently we are competing in the CASP7 protein structure prediction blind tests.
  • Endocytosis modelling and visualisation. Geometric and modelling techniques are applied to real time video microscopy of endocytic processes to build better qualitative and quantitative understandings of the systems observed, as well as make predictions about quantities such ligand or solute concentration, vesicle pH, and membrane trafficked.
  • Building WebServices for the ACMC BioPortal is a project to clients applications for Biological Science WebServices.
  • Protein domain visualisation. I've written a Gimp plugin that visualises multiple domains on multiple proteins. The code is available on request.
Here is a fairly complete list of publications. The citation that I received for a 1999 Kirkman Medal (front view back view) can be found in Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl. 30 (2000), 7--9.
I'm no longer editing the Recent Theses in Finite Geometry web site. Please visit here to see the current Recent Theses site.

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