Authentication using LDAP

These pages provide documention of the implementation of LDAP as an authentication server.

I hope to build these pages into a useful reference for those heading down the same track. Your input is always welcome. If you see errors or have suggestions please contact l.rathbone at imb dot uq dot edu dot au.

There will always be areas that need more explanation. It will never be finished.


The standard way of managing user accounts in a UNIX environment is through a list of users in a /etc/passwd file on that machine. If you want to add a user, add them to /etc/passwd - simple. If you have want to add them to another machine, add them to /etc/passwd on that machine.... If you have a lot of machines it is not long before you have an unending administrative task; adding, removing, changing privileges for users on all these different machines.

Eventually different management strategies appeared e.g. NIS (Network Information Service) implements network-wide access to administrative information. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) provides a means of sharing administrative information across a network.

Author: Lance Rathbone Last modified: Wednesday June 18, 2008