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RNAdb 2.0 - A database of mammalian noncoding RNAs

RNAdb 2.0 has been retired. The table below contains links to the original datasets. For details, see the RNAdb 2.0 home page.

Dataset NameDescriptionEntriesXML/FASTA Download Links
Curated from literatureUnique ncRNA sequences which have been identified and manually curated based upon extensive literature reviews.940XML FASTA
Fantom3ncRNAs identified in the Functional Annotation of Mouse (FANTOM 3) project.34,030XML FASTA
H-InvitationalncRNAs from the Human Full-length cDNA Annotation Invitational (H-Invitational) project (release 3.4, August 2006).1,794XML FASTA
Antisense ncRNA PipelineAntisense ncRNAs identified from cDNA and EST databases for human and mouse using a computational pipeline (Engstrom et al., 2006).2,683XML FASTA
snoRNAsHuman snoRNAs and scaRNAs derived from snoRNA-LBME-db (release 3, August 2006).574XML FASTA
piRNAsPIWI proteins were recently discovered to bind thousands of small RNAs, termed piRNAs (Aravin et al., 2006; Girard et al., 2006; Lau et al., 2006).176,194XML FASTA
miRNAmiRNA sequences obtained from release of miRBase (release 8.2, July 2006).1,855XML FASTA
RNAzRNAz combines a comparative approach (scoring conservation of secondary structure) with the observation that ncRNAs are thermodynamically more stable than expected by chance (Washietl et al., 2005).35,984XML FASTA
Non-coding RNA SearchNon-coding RNA Search uses syntenic regions between human and mouse that are unalignable and then utilizes the FOLDALIGN algorithm (Torarinsson et al., 2006).2,525XML FASTA
EvofoldEvoFold utilizes a comparative genomics method based on phylogenetic stochastic context-free grammars to identify functional RNAs (Pedersen et al., 2006).47,509XML FASTA