An Introduction to IMB

The Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) undertakes globally competitive research to decipher the information contained in the genes and proteins of plants, animals and humans.

Since its establishment in 2000, the IMB has earned a reputation as one of the Asia Pacific region's leading research institutes. The IMB's exploration of the genetic basis of life will greatly impact on the health and quality of life of humans, well into the next century.

This is a menu page to some of the activities of the IMB.

Sex Development - Genetics and Biology
Most newborn children have the typical appearance of a boy or girl, but in some cases the baby’s sex can’t be clearly identified. For others, chromosomes, hormones or internal organs may differ from those typical for male or female children. These situations can present an unexpected cause for concern for parents and may complicate matters later for the affected person themselves. Does the child have a disorder, or is their appearance part of a naturally-occurring spectrum? How did this happen? What will it mean for the future wellbeing of the person? Does anything need to be done, and if so what, when and why? In this website we address these questions from a genetics and biology research perspective. This information is intended to help affected people and their families with decision-making and coping strategies. Through better awareness and understanding on a scientific level, we hope that society can more adequately and fairly cater for those for whom the common categories of sex don’t apply.